Meet Our Second Ambassador


 Hi Babes!

Hope Y'all are having a great start of the week?!

As we are approaching the launching date of the 'Twirl Shades' 10/3-19, before the major launching of our Spring '19 Collection, we're introducing you to the faces of our brand, our ambassadors.

We first introduced Kristella, and now we are here to introduce you to our second ambassador!

Say hello to;  MªJosé!... Who we call MJ. 💕

MJ is a fashionista travel-blogger and loves to express her style and taste in fashion through her travels around the world.

A huge welcome to the C'BANKS family Babe! 💕  

About Me:
Hi Squad!
My name is MªJosé. 
I don't know if it happens to you too, but I get super excited while I am packing.
Although I hate unpacking my stuff, I love that moment when I can imagine myself wearing those outfits in my destination.

I come from Spain, but some months ago I decided to move to Vienna, a beautiful city that offers so much and so many cool places are so close that I could travel ever weekend!

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