Meet Our Forth Ambassador

Hi Babes! 

Aren't we just excited about the weekend?!... It's a special one for us all.

First, is the 'International Women's Day', 8/3-19 celebrating us ladies, even though we should be celebrated every day because we deserve it.

Thus, this weekend's celebration should be extra celebrated, because we are launching the 'Twirl Shades', which will be dropping on Sunday 10/3-19.

So, it's a perfect weekend for us all! 

However, we want to introduce you to our 4th Brand ambassador; Marissa!

Marissa hails from Washington D.C, U.S.A. 

She has the perfect classy chic style taste in fashion which most of you are gonna love as we do!

She clearly represents what C'BANKS stands for!... We are so happy to have her in the C'BANKS family!


A huge welcome to the family Babe!💕 


About Me:

My name is Marissa Daily.

I'm a lifestyle blogger and graduate student from the Washington, D.C. area!

I strive to live positively and in a way that inspires others, and my mantra is “chasing happiness, adventures, love, and light.”

If I compared myself to an object, it would be a sunflower because I’m always looking toward the bright side. 

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